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Actuator ADB225(12V/24V)

Actuator ADB225(12V/24V)

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  • Type:     ADB225(12V/24V)
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  •       225 Series 2.2 lb-ft of torque, 25° rotation, < 45 msec. response Low cost, versatile model Suitable for multi-plunger fuel pumps and medium size carburetors Various models offer a variety of connectors and wiring harnesses, including feedback sensor Outstanding reliability and performance...

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put Operating Voltage 12, 24, or 32 VDC
 Normal operating Current 3A at 12VDC   
 Maximum Current-Continuously 
 8A at 12V DC, 9 A for HOS
Performance Available Torque Max 2.2 ib-ft (2.7Nm)
 Maximum operating shaft Augular 
 25± 1 degree CW/CCW
Environmental Temperature Range -65 to + 200°F(-54° to +95 °C)
 Relative Humidity Up to 100%
 All Surface Finishes Fungus Proof and Corrosion Resitant
Reliability Vibration Up to 20 G 100 50-500 Hz.
 Testing 100% Tested
Physical  Dimensions See Diagram 1
 Weigh1 8.25 lbs.(3.75kg)
 Mounting Any position, Vertical Preferred
Mating Hardware  Connector ACB 225/ADB 225 EC 1000/ MS3106R  14S-6S (6 pins)
 Connector ADC 225 Supplied with Actuator
 Lever ACB 225/ ADB 225/ADC225S LE 1400-2
 Lever ADC225 LE 1500-2
 Rod End Bearings (to attach a 1/4-
 28THD linkage rod to the lever)
 BR 200(right hand) / BR201 (left hand)
 Wiring harness  ADC225 Supplied with Actuator
 Wiring harness  ACB225/ ADB225 Various Lengths availale from GAC

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