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EA440 Generator AVR

EA440 Generator AVR

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  • Type:     EA440
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  •       规格 侦测与电源输入 电压190~264 VAC...

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1、 Specifications

Detection and power input

Voltage 190 ~ 264Vac single phase two wire

The frequency is 50 / 60Hz to be set by bridging copper


Maximum 90vdc at 207vac input

The current is 4A continuous and 10A discontinuous in 10 seconds

Minimum resistance 15 Ω 

Voltage regulation rate

< ± 1% (when engine change < 4%)

Temperature difference stability

The voltage drift is 0.05% per ℃ change

External voltage adjustment

Use 1K Ω Watt potentiometer ± 8%

The voltage builds up slowly for 2 seconds

Droop input

The highest sensitivity of 0.07a corresponds to 5% pressure drop (when pf = 0)

Maximum input 0.33A

Voltage build up

The remanence voltage of AVR input terminal should be more than 5VAC

Power consumption

Maximum 12watt

Low frequency protection

Factory set point: at 95% Hz

Slope: 170% at 30Hz

Voltage correction

Maximum input: ± 5 VDC

(analog input) 

sensitivity: 5% generator voltage can be adjusted every 1vdc

Input resistance: 1K Ω 

Current compensation

Load: 10 Ω 




418 G ± 2%

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