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Suddenly turn off the generator running how to do?

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Q: Suddenly turn off the generator running how to do?

A: The engine suddenly stalled in operation is the engine work, release the throttle in the absence of non-operational factors and rapid pilot flame, the flame can no longer start phenomenon. This phenomenon is usually caused by mechanical failure.


⑴ reason


① broken fuel pump drive gear, transmission gear failure.


② injection pump shaft breaking.


③ stuck moving parts inside the engine.


④ fuel pump and the steering rod connecting pin off.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


Operation suddenly turn off the gasoline engine is the most common, mainly by the ignition circuit failure. The engine suddenly stalled operation is dominated by the oil injection pump failure caused by broken, followed caused stuck inside the engine. When confronted with this phenomenon, first check whether the rotation and fuel injection pump.


① driven engine with the starter, if the normal rotation, observe whether the injection pump camshaft rotation, if the rotation of normal, indicating a faulty fuel pump. Should check whether the steering mechanism is working properly.Check the throttle lever can be pulled manipulator arm, steering shaft coupling is good.


② If the fuel pump does not rotate the camshaft, camshaft gear fastening bolt is loose, broken or gear compartment camshaft gear failure.


③ If the starter motor drive can not operate, then the internal engine failure. If stuck between the piston and the cylinder, crankshaft and bearings killed, plug stuck fuel pump and valve train mechanical failure. Under normal circumstances should first open the check valve chamber cover. If you run from the meter reflected in the oil pressure is too low or the temperature is too high, you need to overhaul directly for specific situations.


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