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Emergency measures and treatment methods of the engine "spee

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Q: Emergency measures and treatment methods of the engine "speed" ? 


A: The "speed" refers to the speed of the engine suddenly lost control and higher than the maximum allowed speed, accompanied by the sound of a huge phenomenon. When the engine "Speed," Failure to take immediate measures to control in a short time can cause engine damage, personal injury or even cause irreversible damage.


⑴ reason


Engines are the result of "speed", is the loss of control due to the rotation of the plunger, the largest oil stranded in large or location, or to reduce the engine speed due to load, so that the fuel injection quantity per cycle faster and with increased movement of the plunger, The injection volume is prompting increased speed further increases, so a vicious cycle, until Exceeding maximum speed reached uncontrollable proportions. For the following reasons:


① fuel adjustment lever (ie rack) stuck in a certain position.


② fuel adjustment rod and the governor connecting rod disengaged.


③ governor spring break by card.


④ governor Flyweight connecting pin stuck or prolapse.


⑤ governor Flyweight rust.


⑥ governor shaft and the sliding sleeve rust or foreign body stuck.


⑦ governor and the fuel pump loose.


⑧ governor in the oil viscosity is too large, making it difficult to open Flyweight.


⑨ governor thrust plate to slide axially blocked.


⑩ governor Flyweight guide plate frame and slide blocked.


⑵ emergency measures


Engine produces "speed", it should be based on the specific circumstances of the time, quickly trying to force the engine flameout, specific methods are the following:


① button immediately opens the exhaust brake, engine exhaust brake works by preventing the cylinder exhaust emissions, forced deceleration; pull flameout pull, forcing fuel adjustment lever (or the gear lever) move to cut off oil to make the oil direction ; For loading "VE" pump electric flame vehicles using electric flame, forced off the oil.


② the transmission linked into high gear, brake pedal, clutch pedal slowly loose, the engine load forced flameout.


③ block the air intake, to prevent air from entering the cylinder.


④ Loosen the high pressure hose connector, not the fuel into the cylinder.


⑤ Loosen the fuel pump low pressure inlet pipe fittings, disconnect the low pressure oil chamber oil.


⑶ Diagnosis and treatment methods 


Once the engine "speed" appears to be the appropriate place to take urgent measures to turn off the engine, and then troubleshooting.


① After the cold start the engine, "Speed", lift the throttle, speed remains high, it should pull the pull knob turn off the flame. First, check whether the governor should be too sticky oil, causing Flyweight easy open, failed to regulate the speed of the function.


② After a long time of parked cars start "Speed", the fuel pump inspection window should open the front cover or the fuel pump fuel adjustment lever (gear lever) protective cap end face, hand moving rod, observation is flexible, if astringent stagnation, Description Rod (tooth stick) and cover rust, or poor lubrication, rust should be lubricated.


③ If the fuel pump is the "speed" during disassembly and maintenance after loading, you need to check the rod (tooth stick) is caused due to improper care bending catching. If so, you should remove the correction or replacement parts.


④ checking rod (gear lever), if the rod moves freely, but can not automatically forward push back, explained the governor connecting rod and the rod is disengaged, the governor should be open for inspection inspection window cover excluded.


⑤ If these tests were normal, the fault in the governor, the governor should open the back cover, complete decomposition checks. Commissioning should be carried out after the repair is complete test bench, rest assured that after loading.

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