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LXC7920 remote base station control module lightning answer

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LXC7920 precision automation control module through design and production of electronic controls, including the use of the built-fit has been disconnected Law lightning control. The control module has been disconnected method of retractable controls and grounding lightning protection unit, above the site where it was struck by lightning so easily broken?

There are several reasons for us to answer the next!

A: according to the current mountain base even with the lightning protection and grounding, but was struck by lightning each year of bad thunderstorm season base station equipment, power systems or numerous, lightning protection and grounding the base station meets the requirements (resistance can achieve less than ≤ 4 ohms), if not meet the above criteria will be difficult to protect the phenomenon of being struck by lightning.

B: for tens of thousands of volts of lightning voltage, time is very short (nanosecond calculation), base resistance did not meet the requirements, do not let go of the lightning discharge completely, so the control module is sometimes too late to completely shield off instant, lightning pulse current is the control module Jihuai these sites is difficult to avoid.

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