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Q: Generator charger​ Floating what do you mean?

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QGenerator charger Floating what do you mean?

A: generator charger floating and working principle of the mobile phone charger floating around.Floating is a kind of battery for electrical works (put), is connect the battery and power supply line parallel to the load circuit, it is a constant voltage in general, only slightly higher than the open circuit voltage of battery, by the power circuit for a small number of current compensation for the loss of battery local effects, so that it can often keep in charge to meet state without charge.Therefore, the battery can be charge according to the power line voltage fluctuate.When the load is lighter and higher power line voltage, the battery is recharged, when load heavier or power accident interrupt, battery to discharge, share some or all of the load.In this way, the battery voltage stabilizing effect, and is in standby state.

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