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Two-stage and three-stage battery charger What is the difference?

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Q: Two-stage and three-stage battery charger What is the difference?

a: Two-stage battery charger only after the process of constant current, float voltage two stages. Three-charger during the charging process through constant current, constant voltage, the float voltage three-stage, more than a "constant" stage, with this stage, it can be filled with batteries.

Only two-stage float constant and that the majority of the company's domestic chargers are like this. In accordance with the internationally accepted method of charging, float voltage must not exceed 1.14 times, and in fact this is not full battery voltage. So there can never be filled with battery charger problem with this, and this issue will cause the battery capacity will continue to decrease. Note: Most chargers are available in the market in this way, the force Corsa LBC Series is a three-stage technologies. Specific charging curve by contrast, two-stage and three-curves is as follows:

2-phase charging curve:

2-phase flow only persistence and floating charge, the current domestic most of the company's production of charger.According to the international general charging methods, float charging pressure does not allow more than 1.14 times, but in fact it is not full of battery voltage.So the problems never full of battery chargers, and this problem will cause the battery capacity will reduce.Note: most of the charger are on the market this way.

A three-stage charging curve:

A three-stage with constant current and floating, only the deep charger.The biggest advantage is can be full of battery, will automatically be reduced voltage in a longer floating, greatly extend the life span of the battery.

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