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Could you tell me LXC701 generator controller connection

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Since the launch of LXC701 generator controller is a controller, high reliability, simple installation, convenient operation, high cost performance, is a more popular controller, we mainly introduce below, LXC701 controllerWiring, mainly is 14 terminals, specific as follows:

Terminal 1 (B) : external starting battery cathode.

Terminal 2 (B +) : external starting battery positive electrode.

Terminal 3 (Em. Stop input) : emergency stop input (input B + voltage effective), an external emergency stop normal close button.

Mixer terminal 4 (arg, the Output) : Fuel outlet (B +), an external Fuel relay, contact capacity 5 a.

Terminal 5 (Start Output) : starting outlet (B +), external starter relay, contact capacity 5 a.

Terminal 6 (Remote Start Input) : Remote boot Input port, B - effectively.

Terminal 7 (D +) : after charging generator WL (or D +) terminal, internal provide charger controller excitation current.When charging charging generator failure (i.e., in the process of running D + terminal voltage is less than the default value), long charging failure indicator light on the front panel (charging failed non-stop, indicating only).

Terminal 8 configured (LOP) : low oil pressure switch signal Input port, B - effectively.

Terminal 9 (HWT) Input) : high temperature/cylinder temperature switch Input port, and the B - effectively.

Mixer terminal 10 (Configurable Output3) : (B +), programmable output contact capacity 5 a.Switch output can be set up by a computer.

11 pieces terminals (Configurable Output2) : (B +), programmable output contact capacity 5 a.

12 pieces terminals (Configurable Output1) : (B +), programmable output contact capacity 5 a.

Mixer terminal 13 (N), 14 (L) : external generator voltage signal, judge success and provides overspeed starting/low speed protection.

USB interface: used in the controller parameter programming through the USB cable to connect the computer directly.

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