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LIXiSE LXC63X0 series generator controller installed

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LXC63X0 series generator controller mainly includes LXC6310 and LXC6320 two models, LXC6320 controller for more than a mains/power switching function, but the installation method is the same.Below we detailed introduce for everybody, force ksetra-ksetrajna LXC63X0 series generator controller installation method.

LXC63X0 / LXC51X0 embedded controller design for panel, installation time is fixed by the card.

Overall dimensions and panel opening size as below:

1. The battery voltage input

LXC63X0 / LXC51X0 controller can apply to 8-35 (VDC) environment of the battery voltage, battery anode must be reliable engine casing.Controller power B + and B - across the electrodes to the battery attachment cannot be less than 2.5 was, if equipped with floating was electric, please put the charger output line is directly connected to the battery cathode, and out of the battery is on the cathode connection to the controller of plus or minus power input, in order to prevent the charger interfere with the normal operation of the controller.

2. The speed sensor input speed sensor is installed on the engine block detection flywheel magnetic gear teethIt with the connection to the controller should be used 2 core shielded wire, shielding layer in the 16 terminal of the controller, they can each of the other two signal lines on the 17th and 18th terminal controller.Speed sensor output voltage at full speed range should be in 1 to 24 vac (RMS), recommended voltage of 12 vac (at the rated speed).Speed sensor when the sensor can be installed to contact the flywheel, and then poured out a third ring, the last nut lock on the sensor can.

3. The relay output and extension All output controller for relay contact output, if need to extend relay, please extend the relay coil ends increase fly-wheel diode (when extended relay coil through direct current) or increase resistance capacity circuit (when extended relay coil through alternating current), controller, or other device to prevent interference.

4. The alternating current input

LXC63X0 / LXC51X0 controller input must be an external current transformer, current transformer secondary side current must be 5 a, at the same time, current transformer phase and the phase of the input voltage must be correct, otherwise the sample to the current and active power may be incorrect.Note: a. the ICOM end must connect battery anode controller power.B. when a load current transformer secondary side it is strictly prohibited to open.

5. Pressure test when the controller is installed on the control panel, if you want to withstand voltage test, please disconnect all the controller terminals, in order to avoid high pressure to enter, damage to the controller.

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