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LIXiSE Portable generator data collector installed

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1.1. Installation Preparations

1) Unpacking: tallying the goods and accessories according to the instructions in the packing list, please read the manual carefully before using the product, receive SMS judgment method, conventional procedures and common troubleshooting methods.

2) Check the phase Do: Check with the generator to be installed do not do are the same (single-phase or three-phase) and the data acquisition phase.

Test 3) SIM card: SIM card on the phone to test whether the opening of SMS and Internet access, the network is normal.

4) testing equipment is normal: Turn on the product bottom shell, insert the SIM card, press 3 seconds touch switch collection starts to work and linked server, represents the acquisition has been successfully connect to the server when the network indicator lights 1 second off for 3 seconds, the product is working properly.

    Note: You need to install GSM / CDMA antenna, LXI661 panel affixed to the outside towards the generator, and can not have a metal barrier, otherwise it will affect the positioning function.

Communication indicator: when you start collecting test mode communication indicator light. (Test mode automatically ends 10 minutes later)

Network indicator:

      ① SIM card is not detected, no signal lights go out

      ② When the connection to the server, bright 0.2 seconds off 0.2 seconds (fast blinking)

      ③ When the login server, bright one second off one second (slow blink)

      ④ When the server login is successful, bright one second off three seconds (intermittent flashes) communication verification OK.

Positioning Indicator:

      ① device does not receive GPS module data, the light: Off

      ② device receives GPS module data, but the data did not find the satellite signal, the lamp: 0.2 seconds 0.2 seconds off light

      ③ equipment GPS module receives data, find the satellite, but positioning lights: one second light one second off

      ④ device receives GPS module data, and satellite positioning success, lights: one second light three seconds off positioning verification OK

5) Client Configuration SMS: Configuration Collector landed server parameters, methods of operation were described with reference to section 4.5.

6) The data logger is installed:

    ① Select a location: select the location of the installation as possible in the back panel generator or a blank area of the left and right side; it can not exceed the generator plane, to prevent damage to the data collector when the two collide in transit generator, install at low temperature, away from the row pump position, remember!

    ② Location: installation in accordance with the dimensional drawing in the box, paste the drawing in a selected position, with φ5mm electric drill mounting holes in the specified location, the data collector is fixed to the mounting holes and tighten the screws to ensure a solid (use when installing the spring pad or anti-off screws).

7) transformer installation:

    ① transformer installation access to 220V power, followed by the front air switch, transformer penetration power cord must be fixed with cable ties dead.

    ② data logger with the generator cable has a red and black two lugs :( refer to wiring diagram)

● FireWire red line and generator connected voltmeter;

● Black lines and generator voltmeter neutral connection;

● transformer wiring diagram :( If the transformer is installed in the wrong place, the acquisition will not detect the generator current value);

8) To complete the installation table: Fill the generator manufacturer, model bag installation according to the requirements of data tables, relative to other, power, fuel type, number generator and related parameters, the installation is completed form to save for future reference.

9) The starter-generator test:

● starter-generator: After installation is complete starter generators must be tested for data acquisition, check messages are normal, the server information display is normal, power generation time, voltage, current is normal.

● LED identification: After starting the generator "fat lamp" light, indicating that the collector has the login server, then the server can view module collected detailed data when the network lights flashing intermittently.

● After stopping power "fat lamp" and "Charging light" off, set by the collector alarm number will receive about 1-2 minutes stop generating information, and that information will be uploaded to the network management platform.

1.2. Installation Notes

1) after penetrating power line transformer, must be secured with cable ties to die;

2) After installation, the need for the generator number, type, power, generator belongs to, relative to other data acquisition module and the SIM card will do the registration and improve the registration database with the generator of good information, and import management platform;

3) For the three-phase generator, take a FireWire (whichever maximum output current that phase, and generally phase A) through the center hole of the transformer. Single-phase generator only need Firewire center hole through the transformer;

Red line red line 4) data logger is connected to the generator voltage meter black cable to the generator voltmeter black line, if the voltage output switch is broken generator directly connected to the data acquisition module and the generator output socket;

5) The data logger is installed behind the left and right side panels or generators find a Airspace installation, try to choose by the inlet side (at low temperature); as far as possible from the storm; it can not exceed the generator plane, to prevent the two generators in transport When the collision on his way damage the data logger must be installed in the generator where the temperature is low, certainly far from the exhaust, remember!

6) The first installation dimensions in accordance with drawings, installation diagram affixed at selected locations, φ5mm with electric drill holes (mounting holes);

7) Press the generator connection diagram connection.

1.3. Wiring Diagram

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