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Force ksetra-ksetrajna controller of three core competitiveness

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Force ksetra-ksetrajna controller of three core competitiveness 

Safe and reliable 

1, USES the omron relay, and the domestic a-share listed xiamen hongfa relays, more reliable and durable. 


2, more than 1.5 mm thick squared primary conductor, wire wear heart to reinforce the transformer is fixed, to make it more reliable in the face of vibration and dropping conditions. At the same time also increased the working hours of production. 


3, backlight design 4 earthquake, anti-shedding buckle, coupled with 3 m back glue, let controller in vibration, the LCD module is more reliable, falls. High reliability design. 


Article 4, LCD chip shield, specially designed for the LCD driver IC of the copper foil + PET shielding, shielding article 360 ° cover drive IC, powerful guarantee the LCD can work reliably in strong electromagnetic interference environment, high reliability design. 



High and low temperature resistance 

1, use 4 inches 240 * 240, big screen, display content is 3.7 times of 132 * 64. Under a screen display more content, saves on the flip back and forth. 

2, over wide temperature - 36 ~ the working temperature of 70 ℃, reach the military standard. Reflect the pursuit of high reliability design idea, we for LCD manufacturers (letter, semiconductor) put forward the more stringent requirements, special custom made the LCD wide temperature higher than the average temperature of 15.3 yuan (cost). Applied in various conditions, such as Canada, Russia, Middle East, Africa... 

3, the controller USES patented technology: according to the environmental temperature automatically adjust the contrast of the LCD, whether high or low temperatures, all let LCD always stay at the best display effect, improve the user experience degrees. 


Black box technology 

1, STM32F103VET6, 32-bit ARM processor, 512 KB of memory, more storage space to achieve support for more languages. Main control IC for this purchasing cost increased by 4.6 RMB. 

2, each fault record will momentarily on the engine and generator parameters, the equivalent of a black box. For subsequent fault analysis judgment provides huge amounts of data, provide the support of remote diagnosis for after-sales service. 

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