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With the cloud controller, customers at ease!

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With the cloud controller, customers at ease!

When you buy a generator or using a generator, are you thinking about the following questions?

1Whether the generator is healthy and in good condition?

2When the generator is generating electricity, will it suddenly stop?

3Why my generator sets often happen fault?

4How many failures occurred in my genset, what are the causes?

5My genset load is big or not, the voltage fluctuation is big or not......?

6Why my genset is so unstable?

7Can it inform me when the genset is happening fault, or inform me before the fault happen?


Every customer would like to have a good management of their own generating units, the simpler the better.

What should we do?

With the cloud controller, it can easily solve these problems for you, everything in your control.





What is the Cloud Controller ?

The Controller which can be connected directly to the cloud services.





The cloud controller provides users with health reports and early fault warning technology.

1、Weekly a health check report, equivalent to buy a health insurance.



Health Report: start-stop records, operating data, fault records, battery aging rate, start-up success rate, average load rate, voltage volatility rate, speed volatility rate,etc.

The significance of health report: to grasp the health status of the unit in real time, do well in maintenance, prevent failure, save unnecessary maintenance costs, extend the life of the generator.

2Early Fault Warning Technology

Patented technology - excitation voltage acquisition, timely detection of early failures, to inform the user by SMS message.








Case analysis is as follows:



Until one day the generator is increasing the load, suddenly can not generate electricity,  finding the whole excitation bridge has been broken when maintenance, the maintenance cost also higher and takes long time.

Through the early fault diagnosis technology of the cloud controller, discover the cause of the trouble in time, solve the problem fastly.


The controller of LIXiSE industrial Internet of Things can reach the service of online health monitoring, potential fault analysis and remote fault diagnosis. It really reaches remote fault diagnosis,Let the generator also enjoy healthy life

With the cloud controller, user can prevents more than 90% of the failure,than the cost can be saved more than 80%.


With the weekly health report and early warning technology, customers can really rest assured!

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