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What is cloud controller of the Internet of things era

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What is cloud controller of the Internet of things era

        At present, more than 65% of domestic gensets are exported to foreign countries, and after-sales service has been one of the most important reasons for restricting the overseas development of gensent manufaturers. As a generator manufacturer, you may face the following problems.


After communication, foreign customers and domestic generator manufacturers to reach cooperation, it is a very pleasant cooperation, but hidden behind after-sales can not be ignored.


One day, the factory is in the process of production, genset suddenly failed.


Due to geographical location, time difference, network, or other reasons, when generators happen problems, manufacturers and dealers also helpless, production is stagnant, it will bring some economic losses to customers.


The foreign customers extremely dissatisfied with after-sales service, but also no more cooperation with domestic manufacturers, restricting the development of domestic manufacturers in overseas.

    In the modern enterprise, the service is a brand support, after-sales service problem is one of the biggest problem point between enterprises and users

Industrial Internet era of the controller can solve the above problems for you, it uses advanced WIFI connection patented technology, do not need to install mobile phone cards, regardless of national boundaries and network, just a smart phone, you can make gensets and cloud services platform connection.




This is cloud controller of the Internet of things era


Cloud controller remote fault diagnosis technology, can quickly diagnose the cause of failure, and give emergency and long-term solutions, so that the problem is resolved in time.


The controller of Industrial Internet era not only can solve above problems for you, also can remote fault diagnosis and prevention, save for the end-user maintenance costs for manufacturers, to reduce the cost of after-sales service and improve after-sales service quality.

Case analysis is as follows:


When one diode of the diode bridge is damaged, the generator still operates and the user can not find the problem.


Until one day the generator is increasing the load, suddenly can not generate electricity, finding the whole excitation bridge has been broken when maintenance, the maintenance cost also higher and takes long time.


Through the early fault diagnosis technology of the cloud controller, discover the cause of the trouble in time, solve the problem fastly.




This shows: the industry needs such products, end-users, service providers need such products.



The controller of LIXiSE industrial Internet of Things can reach the service of online health monitoring, potential fault analysis and remote fault diagnosis. It really reaches remote fault diagnosis, to reduce the cost of after-sales service for manufacturers and improve the quality of after-sales service.


Weekly a health check report, equivalent to buy a health insurance.


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