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|Exhibition Introduction|The Asian Power Week

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Exhibition Introduction

The Asian power exhibition has 25 years of history, the great challenge facing the power industry today, it has become a comprehensive platform to meet the challenges and share information, and has become a leading force in promoting solutions to Asia new energy in the future.

 Attracting over 8,000+ delegates and attendees from over 75 countries across Asia and around the world, it is the industry’s premier conference and exhibition dedicated to the power generation, renewable and alternative energy industries.


In 2017, the 25th Asia power week  will be held in BITEC Center on September 19, 2017.  LIXiSE sincerely invite you to come to visit and guidance.

Exhibition content

LIXiSE I6 Cloud Services

    The cloud service system consists of generator controller, wireless data collector, cloud server, user terminal (mobile phone APP application, PC side, large screen display).Adopt to WIFI / 2G / 3G / 4G wireless mode Access to the Internet. To achieve : Real-time remote monitoring and control, remote fault diagnosis, early fault prevention, health check report, remote inspection, maintenance reminders, spare parts lifecycle management, field service management, customer level management.

LXC6610 Cloud Controller

=>  Unlimited network and geographical connection;

=>     Remote monitor and control;

=>     Black box patented technology;

=>     Early failure prevention technology;

=>     Maintenance reminder.

=>     2G / 4G all Netcom any connection.


=>     Multiple connection ways;

=>    Remote monitor and control;

=>    Intelligent data capture;

=>    Black box patented technology;

=>    Multiple interfaces, better compatibility.

LBC2405B Charger

=>     Many sections of the charging: constant voltage, constant current, a trickle charge, full automatic stop, extend battery life by 30%;

=>     With the BOOST up voltage function;

=>     For charge indicator LED charging status indication;

=>     With charging output interface failure;

=>     Over temperature protection function;

=>     Charger with perfect resistance to short circuit and reverse connect protection.

In addition,this event will gather power and energy important departments, and the power company's main person in charge from Southeast Asian countries,as well as more than 18000 professionals, industry buyers. LIXiSE look forward to your visit and guidance, there will be more exciting presentation, and hope to communicate with you, to explore the cloud services in all sectors of the application, as well as the future development trend of the generator industry.

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