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A new generator controller is coming out!

2021-04-26 16:14      Click:

LXC6610-2G cloud controller, without connecting communication module, built-in phone card, antenna, easy to realize the genset remote monitoring, health inspection, rapid maintenance services; Let's see details as below.

1)Install the clould controller to your generator.

2)Download our APP software to your mobile.

3)Add generator - input controller ID number to i6 cloud system by mobile APP or computer.

Cloud controller make communication with i6 cloud platform directly by the SIM card inside,then feedback informations to mobile APP, then you can make the remote operations for your genset.


As a genset user

The cloud controller can help you monitor your genset anytime anywhere! Even your generator in China,but you are traveling in Canada.

When you give feedback to the manufacturer, you can't describe the problem professionally. What should you do?


Cloud controller to help!

You just need to open the mobile APP to inform the manufacturer, the manufacturer will retrieve the black box records from your gensets through the cloud platform, check the running data of every second before the failure, ensure that the cause of failure is found in 1 hours,and help you solve the genset failure quickly.

It's time to check the genset routinely, who can helps and how much I should pay?


Cloud controller to help!

The i6 cloud platform analyze the running data of the genset at a rate of once per minute, check the key performance parameters at all times, and  provides a detailed report of health inspection  weekly, which will helps you to know details and control your costs.


The genset has been used for so long.and don't know when to maintain it?

What parts should be replaced this time? 

How much is the cost?

When is the next maintenance?

Cloud controller to help!

As long as you install the i6 cloud APP, the original factory will automatically remind you by APP, when you need to maintain something according to the operation of your unit, which is like an alarm clock to remind you .

Do you want to reduce the cost of generator?

The controller is directly built into the communication module, without additional collector, free 2 years of cloud platform service, come on, action now!


Do you want to improve your service?

We are committed to provide you the free service about the 1 hour quick diagnostic service during2 years.


Do you hope your customers buying spare parts from you?

Cloud controller will help you! Through cloud platform to manage the parts life cycle of every genset that you produce, automatically push the maintenance information to the user, and increase your accessories sales, achieve a win-win situation!


Finally, let's sum up its characteristics

No need works with cummunication module,built-in mobile phone card and antenna , only a controller is enough!



You think this is over? No, no, no!

There's more!

Pre-sale of new products

LXC6610-2G Cloud controller

Presale price(RMB980/PCS.)

During the pre-sale, buy 10 get 1 free, 

and so on, buy 100 get 10 free

Open to booking time:2017.12.11-2017.12.30


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