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Singapore LIXiSE generator charger intelligent charging output interface failure, giving users value

2015-10-26 17:33      Click:

Battery charger Is each diesel generator must be equipped with one of the important parts of its role is to help the battery recharged, ensure the battery power at any time.But it is in use process, it cannot guarantee the battery has electricity, because the battery will discharge, where idle will consume electricity, even if you have been filled with the charger, also cannot guarantee, because the battery will be bad or malfunction.If the charger is out of failure will lead to.Often in this case, the user can't find fault or unable to find a reason, it is easy to cause in an emergency situation will bring very big trouble when using, and even accidents.

Singapore LIXiSE based on the above situation, take the lead in developed with charging failure output interface generator charger , it can be connected to the generator controller, the realization of charge fault alarm.When there is no mains, charging line fault, low battery voltage, the reverse, short circuit, etc. Will send out alarm failure.Timely reminder that users need to maintain, allow users to use at any time.The key, which can be the highlight of customer generators or selling point.Bring more value for the user.

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