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Singapore LIXiSE Jiangdu product launch ended

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December 15, 2015 16:00 pm, the theme of "cloud monitoring: Singapore  LIXiSE Product launch- black Generator controller”in Yangzhou jiangdu run hotelThe grand banquetWas held.Invited from jiangsu hengfa, heng yi, east China, kaysen, such as several well-known manufacturers,Industry expertsAnd Shanghai international exhibition organizing committee to attend this event.Throughout the conference (Singapore LIXiSE to introduce the new product "with black controller" in theImproving the service level, improve economic efficiency, the endless charm of product competitiveness,And intelligent charger in improving the reliability of the generating set of magic, in the end, and all share together. The industry forefront of  the Internet+ generator is introduced and application of remote monitoring system, and the remote monitoring system in the field of communication, and generator rental application, and analyzing the latest solution, generator to realize intelligent power generator industry informatization management a new era.

The day, from more than 100 industry eliteGathered and Shared prosperity, enjoy a colorful cloud generator monitoring the new technology, new concept of audio-visual feast.The scene to show you the refreshing force ksetra-ksetrajna generator controller with black,High reliability of intelligent dual voltage charger, and leadGlobal remote monitor management technology in different fields of applicationAnd so on.And for theThe guestThe scene shows the LIXiSE new products, forces ksetra-ksetrajnaWith black controller (have capture generator failure moment parameters, the remote health diagnosis, provide scientific basis for maintenance, reduces the field back and forth; automatic maintenance remind training regularly, prolong the service life; super widescreen, convenient operation, strong experience, etc.), no doubtIs the focus of the conference, attracted many guests visiting experience.Everyone feel force ksetra-ksetrajna for intelligent and unremitting pursuit of high quality products and efforts!

We also during the conferenceIn addition to the prize question and answer session set up interest, forThe guestSingapore) has prepared the exquisite gifts and ksetra-ksetrajna black box recording controller, high reliable intelligent charger, yong yue vies to answer first,The atmosphere is warm, positive answer solution can get LIXiSE new products exquisite gift and Singapore.

Finally, we carefully prepared a big dinner for the guests, during dinner, we like family and friends to talk, talk to ChengHuan, toast each other and drink a cup of very relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.We also deeply feel the jiangdu people's hospitality and enthusiasm, LIXiSE thank all guests your gracious presence, thanks to collaboration, with your support and trust, I will redouble efforts to create more high-quality products and services back to everybody!Thank you very much!

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