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Universal intelligent float charger which can bring benefits to the user?

2015-12-21 16:35      Click:

The birth of each product, has its purpose, either meet the functional requirements, either to satisfy the user's need, Singapore LIXiSE introduced a latest LBC1206-2403 double voltage generator switch charger, we call this universal intelligent floating appliances and many users feel very curious, what is a "universal intelligence float was electronics"?We read for everybody, floating was universal intelligence appliance can bring what value and benefit to the user.

universal: this charger is 12 v / 24 v double voltage choice, can be compatible with 12 v / 24 v battery charger, met the most charging generator to use.


1, have charging failure output interface, can be connected to the PLC, generating set controller, etc., to realize fault charging or line fault self-check alarm, to remind users processed on time, add a new bright spot for generating set.

2, with multiple protection function: with the temperature, resistance to short circuit and reverse connect protection, make the dynamo charging more safe and reliable.

3, this charger has its unique function, BOOST up voltage compensation battery rechargeable dissatisfaction phenomenon in winter.

Floating:This charger is a constant current, constant voltage, a three-stage float charging voltage, can solve the problem of battery electric discontent, and extending the service life of the generator battery 30%.

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