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LIXiSE generator float charger advantages compared with the other chargers

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LIXiSE in 2015 launched a Shanghai international power show LBC series Generator float charger, as compared with other chargers in the market, the advantage is very significant, highly recognized by customers deeply, there are a lot of customers promptly during the signing of the purchase order.To introduce in detail below. The advantages of LBC series chargers and colleague's comparative advantage.

LIXiSE charger five big core technology, improve product quality and application experience:

1, 3 sections of the charging: constant current, constant voltage charge, a trickle charge.

Charging is due to three stages, so make sure the battery is full of at the same time, extend battery life by 30%.And other brands of charger contrast: their products only 2 piece, one less stage, only persistence and floating charge, so the battery will never be filled.

2, with charging output interface failure, can be connected to the PLC, generator controller, etc., to realize fault alarm, charging for the generator set to increase selling point.In the low storage battery voltage, the short circuit, there is no ac power failure effectively, etc.This allows the generator more intelligent, and an increase in the selling point of the generator itself.

And other brands of charger contrast: their products without this feature.Means that the generator control system can never test charger failure or when the charger power supply failure, finally caused the battery without electricity.In today's automation degree more and more high, this is unacceptable.Deep sea products have this function, but expensive.

3, BOOST up the voltage function, compensation filling dissatisfaction phenomenon in winter.

And other brands of charger contrast: their products without this feature.Abroad this function is very important, for winter or cells after aging, need to rise voltage charging.Deep sea products have this function, but expensive.

4, over temperature protection function.When the internal temperature automatic protection, return to work after being cool.To ensure the safety of the charger and battery.

5, the scheme of American power, the power supply can work properly in - 30 ~ 70 ℃;And other two brands comparison: their products working environment temperature is 60 degrees, the highest mean higher reliability of our products.

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