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Singapore LIXiSE generator application popular intelligent remote monitoring system in North America

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Singapore LIXiSE generator application popular intelligent remote monitoring system in North America

On October 20, 2015 clients from North America Puerto Rico, Susan made a special trip to visit my company to study, in the company of the company's business manager, together with a visit to the company's production workshop, research and experimental base, computer room and test center, remote monitoring laboratory operation, etc.Spoke highly of the r&d lab equipment, our company advanced production equipment.Remote monitoring system technology research and development strength and generator.Answer it, Susan a line with the company's engineers to learn together Generator remote monitoring management system In communications and technology applications in other fields, their local market situation of communication, etc.Thank you and we offer products to help him in the local communication to grab more market share.On the day of the remote monitoring system product company signed a cooperation agreement with us.For our generator remote monitoring system in the north American market to lay the foundation.

Puerto Rico, Susan is a local professional power equipment maintenance business communications industry dynamics, designed for north American operators to provide power supply equipment maintenance solutions.Due to the mountainous and hilly and islands, Puerto Rico communication base stations widely distributed, many base stations use the traditional management mode, maintenance cost is very high, and low efficiency, the local operators on the generator maintenance and management for every year pay a huge cost.Operators to Puerto Rico Aeronet Wireless Broadband multiple bidding didn't find the right supplier to provide satisfactory solutions.Susan happened to be looking for remote monitoring system of the product in alibaba, inadvertently found us, after preliminary understanding, he ordered LXC7921 generator controller with our company first and LXI680G wireless data terminal two sets of buy back the trial and the server.Back to local trial, after our system to he solved are in urgent need to solve their problems, such as: the need to focus on management, remote monitor and control the running status of generator can remotely start-stop, automatic maintenance inspection and automatic fault alarm, fault analysis, automatic storage generator fault records, provide a scientific basis for unified management and maintenance for the generator.Really save the human cost, management cost, and easy management, high efficiency, the key is standing bs utilization greatly promoted.

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