EVA440-2 generator automatic voltage regulator

EVA440-2 generator automatic voltage regulator

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  •       LIXiSE EVA440-2 Generator automatic voltage regulator​ Compatible with Stanford Generator AVR , especially suitable for more than 200 kw Stamford generator;At the same time suitable for Stamford generators used weaver.This product can be applied to most of the brushless generator, high performance! ...

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Product introduction:

LIXiSE EVA440-2 Generator automatic voltage regulator Compatible with Stanford Generator AVR , especially suitable for more than 200 kw Stamford generator;At the same time suitable for Stamford generators used weaver.This product can be applied to most of the brushless generator, high performance!

Product features:

• EVA440-2 On the basis of SX460 increased DR00P adjustment and exterior TRIM adjustment needed for the parallel (external power factor controller LSM206), is currently the most used the most practical parallel type of AVR.AVR automatic voltage regulator is the key component of modern generator cannot little.

• Generator stator through SX440 to provide electricity for exciter magnetic field, AVR is adjusting excitation current control device.AVR has always been independent feedback voltage signal of the stator windings, by controlling the exciter magnetic field of the low power, adjust the excitation electromechanical pivot rectifier output power, so as to control the host field current requirements.SX440AVR through induction two-phase average voltage, ensure that the voltage regulation.In addition, it also monitoring the speed of the engine, such as lower than primary speed (Hz) setting, the output voltage is reduced, in order to prevent the engine at low speed when the excitation, and reduce the impact of load, to relieve the burden of the engine.This is a parallel unit with half wave phase voltage regulator,

• Voltage regulation is better than that of 1%, can be an external potentiometer fine-tuning the output voltage, with a low frequency protection (also reduce as low frequency excitation current) and a LED indicates a low frequency condition, simple external current transformer can automatically adjust the power factor, on the stability of the different level of power generators have different selection and selection of 50/60 hz, etc.

• Characteristic: can be simple external current transformer for power factor adjustment (small scale), can also be connected in parallel unit dedicated LSM206 power factor controller, to achieve a wide range of automatic adjustment, greatly improved the electrical loss, indirect reduced fuel consumption.

A AVR setting: 1 Frequency selective terminals (Frequency selection terminals) 50 hz operation Link 50-60 hz operation C 60-2 C Stability select terminal (Stability selection terminals) connection A under 90 kw 90 kw to 550 kw connection B - C - 550 kw or more connection B - A 3 C field break connection (Excitation lnterruption Link) Excitation circuit breaker closed.If you don't install the optional parts, the secondary connections in K1 and K2 (AVR manufacturer at K1 and K2 with a wire connection) 4 sensor selection (Sensing selection termunals) to connect 4 2-3-5 link 6-7 second AVR 1 P2 P3 generator excitation input power (220 v) 2 XX X for AVR excitation power output (X is XX is negative) 2, 3, 3 of AVR feedback voltage (220 v) input 1 2 to an external voltage fine-tuning (when no external fine-tune connection 1 2) 4 S1 S2 for the weaver current sensor input three AVR adjustment (have been adjusted when delivery from factory, the user only need to make the following adjustment if necessary) 1 voltage adjustment Such as output voltage, the voltage to adjust potentiometer clockwise, the output voltage rises;The opposite counter.2 frequency setting the engine speed to 47 hz, clockwise UFRO potentiometer, instructs the diodes, back engine speed

Technical parameters:

Voltage set up: when the remanence is greater than 4 v25hz build pressure automatically

Input power: AC95 50/60 hz ~ 132 v / 190 ~ 132 v

Output voltage 90 v DC (when the input AC 207 v)
Current 4 a (continuous)
6 a10s (moment)

Frequency compensation: built-in engine RPM fall protection circuit for the frequency of the output voltage drops

Adjustable rate: better than 1%

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