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LIXISE overview introduction to electronic control diesel en

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LIXISE overview introduction to electronic control diesel engine

The major manufacturers of diesel engine, the electronically controlled diesel engine structure, though there are differences, but basically the same principle.As long as the understanding of the basic structure and principle of a kind of electronic control engine, these techniques can be quickly into other diesel engine.For example: Cummins (Cummins), Caterpillar (cat), Detroit Diesel (Detroit Diesel engine), Volvo (Volvo), JohnDeer (dir) MAN (MAN), MTU (Mercedes) and Bosch (Bosch) companies such as electronic control fuel system, there are a lot of the same place.

Engine electronic control various fuels such as diesel or gasoline engine, is essentially apply computer good control ability to the operation of the engine control.Electronically controlled diesel engine is mainly fuel injection system on the basis of the sensor signal, through a dedicated computer control the operation of diesel engine.

Electronic control is the most important basic knowledge of digital circuit knowledge.At the same time to absorb a large number of all aspects of the modern science knowledge.To be very accurate and profound understanding of electronic-controlled engine structure, principle, skilled maintenance, must have, such as: digital circuits, analog circuits, computer hardware and software, electrical motor, stepping motor, mechanical principle, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, automatic control principle, the principle of internal combustion engine, and so on.

LIXISE focuses on electronic control fuel system, and to introduce a certain essential basic knowledge of electronic control.For example: analog and digital signals, signal processing, sensor function and principle, the working principle of the electronic control module (ECM), signal waveform, pulse rate, pulse width modulation signal, the computer in binary, a brief introduction to the SAE standard fault code and access instructions.

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