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Working principle of the electronic governor EG2000 generato

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Working principle of the electronic governor EG2000 generator

Due to the development of electronic technology, electronic control system has more and more widely used on the engine, including the application of electronic governor on the diesel engine has achieved very satisfying effect.

Generator electronic governor  according to the acceptance of the electrical signals through the controller and actuators to change little fuel injection pump the flow of oil.Now to Dongguan tuancheng automation equipment co., LTD production of EG2000 type electronic governor as an example, explain its structure and working principle.

LIXISE EG2000 electronic governor figure is as follows:

A working principle of electronic governor, generator

With speed, speed adjustment potentiometer setting need sensor through the flywheel ring gear measuring the engine speed the actual value, and sent to the controller, in the controller of the actual value compared with the set value, the comparison of difference between the control circuit of sorting, put people, drive the actuator output shaft, by adjusting the connecting rod pull the fuel injection pump gear lever and adjustment to the flow of oil, so as to achieve the aim of keeping the set speed.

This kind of electronic governor still can choose according to the needs of engine using occasions is not the size of the evenness.When out of differential speed control, electronic control system will load changes caused by the difference in value between speed and actual speed to eliminate, to keep the engine rotating speed of the original set.According to the requirements of the unit, also can adjust potentiometer non-uniform degree, so that the speed control system to obtain satisfactory static adjustable rate.

The electronic governor is also equipped with a variety of attachment device, according to the requirements of the unit, fitted with appropriate attachments, can realize automatic preset functions such as synchronization, load distribution and load requirements.

The characteristics of the electronic governor is respectively independent decisions governing characteristic, equipped with all accessories to be able to determine the optimal torque, the idle and transitional characteristic and so on.Using electronic dispatching, able to meet the requirements of different models.

EG2000 type electronic dispatching can be respectively used in diesel engine, gasoline engine, gas turbine, steam turbine and turbine governing system.

Second, the generator of electronic governor

Electronic governor EG2000 type generator can be respectively used in 150-5000 - kw internal-combustion engine speed regulation system.

The governor of the whole electric governor, not need mechanical hydraulic transmission.It is composed of speed adjustment potentiometer, speed sensors,Controller, actuator and insurance circuit, etc.

Its structure as shown in the figure below:

1.The generator speed sensor

It should be collecting signal frequency as high as possible.Design USES the highest signal frequency of 12000 hz relationship between engine speed and frequency computation formula is as follows: f = nz / 60

Type f - frequency in Hz n an engine speed r/min;Z is a sensor of the gear (or the flywheel ring gear).

The best from the flywheel in measuring the rotating speed sensor, sensor when installation and flywheel ring gear tip clearance of 0.4 to 0.4 mm.

2.Generator controller

The function of it is according to the speed of the sensor to measure the actual value and the set value, compare, and drive actuator is carried out.

3. The generator speed adjusting potentiometer

It is used to according to the engine using the maximum allowable speed setting frequency.When ordering if engine operating frequency, the factory setting good frequency according to the requirements.If not marked on the book a single unit operation frequency, the factory with the frequency is 2000 Hz, if the setting of the frequency between the engine idling and turn the supreme, can start the engine and adjust "speedmax" (maximum speed) potentiometer the engine to obtain the highest operating frequency.

4.Generator actuators

Actuator is mainly composed of dc motor, gear, output shaft and feedback parts.

Actuator driven by dc motor, the torque through an intermediate gear to the output shaft.

Feedback components work condition of the actuator into the controller to form a closed loop control system.

Actuator output shaft radial by adjusting the connecting rod connected to the fuel injection pump gear lever.

5. Insurance of generator circuit

With insurance circuit in the electronic speed control system, when the sensing signal interruption, as a result of cable fault engine stop travel, it can make the actuator to stop work, and make the output shaft radial return to "0" position.

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