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Diesel generator remote date acquisition module

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Diesel generator remote date acquisition module


Diesel generator data acquisition module platform of remote data acquisition module, communication module, it will communication chips, memory chips, such as integrated on a circuit board, make its have to send and receive messages sent by the remote data acquisition module platform, voice and data transmission function.Remote data acquisition module can realize remote data acquisition module ordinary mobile phone main communication function, also can saying is a "lite" mobile phone.Computer, MCU, ARM through RS232 serial port with the remote data acquisition module, through the AT command control module implements all sorts of voice and data communications functions.
Application field is mainly used for industrial data transmission module, the remote data acquisition module has obvious advantages than GPRS module on the rate.But the use of remote data acquisition module in industry to lags far behind the application of GPRS module.Main reason on the one hand, remote data acquisition module network coverage and the construction is inferior to the GSM network is perfect, the other is because of the cost of remote data acquisition module module early is much higher than the GSM module 2-4 times at least, makes the production cost is much higher.


Product positioning
LXI980G platform based on ARM and embedded operating system, built-in industrial-grade module, it can be used in harsh environments, working temperature Scope of application can be up to 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.LXI980G provide standard RS232 serial interface, can be quickly and PLC, industrial control, instrument, instrument, RTU equipment is linked together, through the GPRS/CDMA/ET network will be linked to LXI980G equipment data transmission to a host on the Internet, realize the transparent data remote transmission, at the same time to the front-end equipment of GPS location information reported to host, achieve the positioning equipment.It has wireless data communication and data processing ability, compact appearance, durable, stable and reliable, installer, which can be widely used in construction, transportation and other industries.Especially suitable for tower crane monitoring, heavy machinery management, but also can be used for taxi operation management, transport vehicles, special vehicles, vehicle rental management and related areas such as leasing.


Product features

1,Mobile phone remote monitoring display

Generator remote module USES the camera embedded technology, the remote can clearly see the cloud generator field environment, avoid accident risk events;Generator running state of real-time dynamic data display, clear understanding of the current generator running state;Each detail data real-time display engine, engine real-time running is normal;Real-time display various detailed data generator, to understand whether the parameters of the generator in the normal range.

2,Remote monitoring and control

No matter anywhere in the world, as long as there is network, can use mobile phone or PC computer remote monitoring the operation of the generator set data, control the operation of generating set.In addition to basic information monitoring unit, a more comprehensive monitoring, such as the excitation voltage;Bridge output voltage;Bearing temperature;Winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for better check the health status of the unit.
3, early failure prevention
Through the cloud server built in more than 130 fault model, fuzzy reasoning, discover the early failure of various complex, improve the reliability of the unit.And can be controlled by continuously increase cloud server failure model of the knowledge, achieve the infinite extension diagnosis ability.

4, The black patent technology
Through the remote fault diagnosis, reducing for fault situation of communication between manufacturers and users, manufacturers directly through the cloud server get 18 seconds of black, rapid analysis of the cause of the problem, rapid troubleshooting, reduce after-sales service costs, improve service efficiency and quality.Example: when the generator set start failure problems, manufacturers and technical personnel through the PC or cell phone APP, quickly check user unit in the process of starting failure every second data (with the fault diagnosis of the demo APP), such as: the boot process speed is how much?The oil pressure to achieve?The battery voltage reduce how much?How much is the charge of mechanical and electronic pressure....Technical personnel through the data can be easily remote some troubleshooting, for some simple failure or user improper use, can be solved quickly.



Ordinary generators
1, to gather the basic parameters according to user's requirements (acquisition parameters needed for the maintenance), and then according to the threshold judgment, fault alarm on the unit controller.
2, without fault self diagnosis function, when a failure occurs, users need for maintenance on their own master, door-to-door inspection maintenance.
3, need artificial records using the information, is missing.Historical track records, need artificial records, hard to do detailed records and icon display.
4, only simple maintenance reminder, no contact with content and services
The cloud generators
1, can not only collect the basic parameters according to user's requirements, also can collect self-diagnosis required parameters (including: the excitation voltage, electric adjustable output voltage, black box fault record, the battery voltage in the process of starting, continuous no-load voltage and speed of 10 seconds), through the analysis of the data cloud server, as a unit for health examination, early found that complicated fault, and a variety of ways to remind the user completes the maintenance work, including SMS, APP notifications.
2, Automatically through the network to connect to the cloud server, and then through the cloud server built-in fault diagnosis procedure, fault diagnosis for the unit.And can be controlled by continuously increase cloud server failure model of the knowledge, achieve the infinite extension diagnosis ability.
3, automatic acquisition use information, including: boot time, stop time, run time degree, power generation, the causes for the downtime.A preset time interval (30 seconds - 10 minutes), record all the data in the operation, the formation of historical records on the server, and automatically generates a line chart, be clear at a glance.
4, Through the life cycle management of the parts, to provide users with detailed maintenance remind content, including: part Numbers, parts name, parts supplier information such as name, contact information, price.

Product advantage

1, Intelligent data fetching patent technology
The generating set in real time and more comprehensive monitoring, intelligent fetching data, such as the excitation voltage;Bridge output voltage;Bearing temperature;Winding temperature data.To realize the remote fault diagnosis and early fault diagnoses.Many data summary and displayed in the form of chart.
2, Unlimited network and regional patent connection technology
Built-in large capacity to save more than half of the run data storage module, and three different WIFI connection mode is adopted to realize the unlimited Internet and unlimited geographic borders, can reliable cloud server data synchronization to health.

3, The network security technology
In data collector using hardware interlock security encryption technology;In the terminal end and data service end USES symmetric encryption technology;In a cloud server USES the redundancy technology, distributed server deployment, prevent data loss, improve security.

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