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Diesel generator remote control module

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Diesel generator remote control module


Diesel generator set is like the heart of the generator set remote control module,Intelligent control system of using large in improving the operation of the diesel generator set guarantee the stability of the diesel generator set working hours.The control module is how to through the principle and algorithm to implement?Control part of the diesel generator set, digital excitation controller than traditional analog excitation controller has high precision, fast response, the control algorithm is adaptable, with different features only by adjusting the process parameters in order to adapt to the motor, can achieve even higher the adaptive intelligent control algorithm, etc.Diesel generator is also called the generator mechanical control controller, remote control module used to monitor the operation of generating set.Through a variety of sensor input signals, focused on a screen.Such as voltage, current, operation time, oil pressure, water temperature, three-phase voltage, frequency, power and other parameters according to the function of the module type has more or less.At the same time can run the generator is not normal to alarm in sex, such as high temperature alarm, low oil pressure alarm, etc., fault serious still can the generator automatic stop protect the purpose of generating set.

The working principle of the diesel generator set

Power motivation is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy of the machine, its transformation process is actually the process of the work cycle, is simply through the burning of fuel in the cylinder, kinetic energy, driving the piston reciprocating motion inside the engine cylinder, it will connect on the piston connecting rod and the crank and connecting rod, crankshaft center around as circular motion, and the output power.We analyze the process: a work cycle consists of four piston stroke (the so-called piston stroke means the piston top dead center) to the next check point of the distance between the process: the intake stroke, compression stroke, power stroke (work schedule) and exhaust stroke.

The control module application

1, Mobile phone remote monitoring technology
Generator running state of real-time dynamic data display, clear understanding of the current generator running state;USES the camera embedded technology, can clearly see the cloud generator in remote site environment, avoid accident risk events;Each detail data real-time display engine, engine real-time running is normal;According to each detail data generator, whether to understand the parameters of the generator in the normal range.


2, computer remote monitoring and control
No matter anywhere in the world, as long as there is network, can use mobile phone or PC computer remote monitoring the operation of the generator set data, control the operation of the generator set;In addition to basic information monitoring unit, a more comprehensive monitoring, such as the excitation voltage;Bridge output voltage;Bearing temperature;Winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for better check the health status of the unit
3, remote fault diagnosis
Example: when the generator set start failure problems, manufacturers and technical personnel through the PC or cell phone APP, quickly check user unit in the process of starting failure every second data (with the fault diagnosis of the demo APP), such as: the boot process speed is how much?The oil pressure to achieve?The battery voltage reduce how much?How much is the charge of mechanical and electronic pressure....Technical personnel through the data can be easily remote some troubleshooting, for some simple failure or user improper use, can be solved quickly.
Through the remote fault diagnosis, reducing for fault situation of communication between manufacturers and users, manufacturers directly through the cloud server get 18 seconds of black, rapid analysis of the cause of the problem, rapid troubleshooting, reduce after-sales service costs, improve service efficiency and quality.

4, mobile phone remote fault diagnosis display
No matter when and where, after-sales service for users with mobile phones can remote fault diagnosis, guide users to exclude simple fault;Record every second moment before failure data, include: engine, generator data, load data, I/O port state, to observe which parameters will do.
5, early failure prevention
Through the cloud server built in more than 130 fault model, fuzzy reasoning, discover the early failure of various complex, improve the reliability of the unit.And can be controlled by continuously increase cloud server failure model of the knowledge, achieve the infinite extension diagnosis ability.
Fourth, control module is introduced
1, for 240 x128 LCD liquid crystal display (LCD), with backlight, Chinese, English and other languages optional interface.More important is can under a page shows that most of the parameters, dispense frequent switching page views, very convenient;
2, all parameters can be use the computer via USB and RS232 interface connection and adjustment, within the internal FLASH memory in the controller at the same time, also is not lost in when the system is powered off.
3, using the MODBUS protocol can achieve "three remote" function;(RS232 and USB standard).
4, suitable for three phase four wire, three-phase three-wire, single phase 2 lines, two phase three lines (v) 120/240 50/60 hz power supply system;The acquisition and display/electric power three-phase voltage, three-phase current, phase sequence, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, electric power, the engine of all kinds of sensor data.
5, control, protection function: to realize automatic diesel and gas generator starting/stopping, close/brake switch (ATS) and perfect function for the protection of fault display, when multiple warning, warning column will display them in turn, facilitate analysis reason;All outlet for relay output, the output and mainly adopts 16 a relay output, at the same time there are three passive relay output, more convenient for complex applications.
6, with advanced iot function, through GPRS mobile network and Internet connectivity, in any place can remote monitoring network;A variety of start-up success conditions (speed sensor, oil pressure, power generation, charger) can choose, demand for all special occasions.Wide range of power supply (8 ~ 35) VDC, can adapt to different environment starting battery voltage, can under the low voltage of starting motor moment to continue working for 3 seconds.


Article 7, historical fault record 200, record the moment in a warning or fault occurring oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, current, power and other important parameters, easy to analyze the reason and repair, and real time clock, regular maintenance function, can be used to pump unit, also can do indicating instrument used (only indication, alarm, relay no action);Have three groups of maintenance function, can be set up for the machine maintenance cycle.Maintenance time to action can be set up (warning or alarm stop
8, shell and the rubber seal is designed between the control panel, waterproof properties can achieve IP55, screen protection adopts hard screen acrylic materials, wear resistance and scratch resistance is better;Using silica gel panel and buttons, to adapt to the high and low temperature environment ability is stronger, and has a good waterproof performance;Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS + PC case, pluggable terminal blocks, embedded installation, compact structure, convenient installation.
Generator control module is to help users to do some kind of control system.The composition and working principle of automatic controller and the composition and working mechanism of the body there are many similarities: automatic controller is equivalent to human sense organs sensor, is equivalent to the human brain and nervous system control device, there are also equivalent to a person's hands, legs, and muscle actuators.Sensor for detecting information of instruction, changes in the outside world and the status information of the controlled object, and transform it into electrical signals to the control device.Control device is calculated that the current state of the controlled object (referred to as the accused, or system) of the output state and want (referred to as the input signal), the difference between the deviation (called the error signal) and according to the produce a control signal according to certain rule, and then amplified, to operate actuators.Actuators are used to drive the motion of the object operation, until its state achieve the status of a hope.That the output of the system or the system of the other input of the controlled variable and system, form of control is called a closed loop control and feedback control.

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