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LIXiSE escorts for the communications base station all the time.

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  “Tiange”the 13th typhoon this year, landed at noon on the 23rd this month in Zhuhai City, the strength of this typhoon will be the once  50-year event, “Tiange” led to direct economic losses in Guangdong Province, nearly 12 billion yuan.

     However, in just four days later, the 14th typhoon "Paka" followed, landing in Taishan on the 27th, although its strength is less than the “Tiange”, but landing sites and wind and rain and the "Paca" height coincide.

   The "Tiange" and the "Paka",were not only the threat to the safety of people's property, but also a serious test of the communications infrastructure, power grid destroyed, power interruption; communication interruption; trees collapsed, severe water ..

   Whether it is pre-typhoon warning, or post-disaster reconstruction, stable communication will add a guarantee. it is important to restore the power supply of the base station In the first interruption and monitor the operation status of the generator in real time. In the past, when the communication base station encountered bad weather such as typhoon, after the interruption of the city electricity and power, the usual solution was:

1, direct transport the genset to the site power generation;

2, the base station which has the gensets, but still need the staff to the base station to open manually;

   These two solutions, no matter what kind of, can not restore the power supply in time, generator operation stability can not be guaranteed, the staff up the mountain is also very dangerous. At this time, to ensure the smooth communication, the stable operation of the generator plays a vital role.

   In these two typhoons, the generator management system of LIXiSE has been playing its "charm."

Oil machine management system

What can the generator management system do in the typhoon?

1,the automatically start when power failure;

2, remote start and stop gensets;

3, map partition management, scheduling management, rational use of resource allocation;

4, stable operation, protection of power supply needs, so that the normal operation of communications equipment;

       LIXiSE generator management system is serving for China Tower, Huawei, ZTE and other well-known enterprises now. and have withstood one after another typhoon test in the communications base stations in Zhanjiang,Guangdong. 


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