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I6 cloud services, generators professional cloud platform

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     In 2017, The Belt and Road policy, more and more countries to participate, to bring more and more opportunities for the domestic market economy, especially export trade, our country have implemented many policies, facing the opportunity, how do you open up the market, what kind of tools do you need?

       The I6 yun service system is a good weapon for the manufacturers to expand the market, and it is also a professional management tool for the manufacturers.

Black box recording with patent technology 

      When generators is Failure, manufacturers directly through the cloud server to get 18 seconds of black box records, technical analysis data, remote fault diagnosis,  the rapid analysis of the fault reason, solve problems.

For example:

      When the generator set fails to start, the I6 health cloud remotely examines various data during the start process to determine the cause of the failure. Analysis: the controller's fuel output is normal, the speed is normal, the electronic governor output is 0V, indicating no output voltage to open the fuel, eventually leading to failure.

The best combination of hardware and software, the connection is stable, do not dropped.

   Based on LIXiSE strong R&D strength, Through the collection and server communication optimization, and after 4 years, nearly 20 thousand base station inspection operation, proved that the connection is stable, the reaction speed is fast, does not leave the line.

Compatible with 56 different brand controllers

         Multi protocol analysis technology, can be compatible with 56 different brands of controller, covering most types of controller in the mainstream brands on the market, the future will be compatible with more products, and even other controllers, such as air compressor controller etc.

Field service management and life cycle management of parts

Field service management:

      Through the field service management of I6 yun platform ,it can realize the process & cost management of the field service personnel, improve the customer satisfaction ,reduce the service costs, and achieve the rapid expansion of market development. 

life cycle management of components :

        Based on the components of the life cycle of management and health checks, can push the APP and SMS to the user timely, and remind the user to do maintenance and overhaul for the early trouble, recommend the benefit of using the original parts, and realize the second sale of the parts and gensets.
The core competitiveness of cloud platform

       The core of the competition of the cloud platform, is the competition of the hardware and software technology. The function of the application layer can be done well, but it is not easy to do a stable and reliable hardware collector.

Choose the professional, achievements of the future

       Choosing cloud service platform, must choose professional company to do, Otherwise, it's nothing to spend money, the most important thing is that you will miss the opportunity.

       We have powerful software R&D team,  (3 graduate students), to create the best cloud platform industry leader, to provide you with professional cloud services solutions, so that you easily have your own logo cloud platform and a mobile phone APP.

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