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Common Faults and Diagnostic Methods of Mobile Emergency Power Car Genset

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     With the recent natural disasters more and more in the airport, communications, telecommunications, coal, oil and other related emergency work areas, mobile emergency power vehicles play an important role.

     The most commonly used is the diesel generator, the main components of the diesel engine, AC synchronous generator, control panel (including automatic detection, control and protection devices), couplings, radiators, fuel tanks, muffler and common base. Among them, the generator set failure issues most concerned about.

1, Genset starts the battery capacity is insufficient - to maintain the battery (charge, rehydration) if necessary, replace the battery.

2, The control panel is not power - check the control screen on the fuse is broken.

3, Start the relay failure - replace the relay.

4, Start the motor fault - analyze the reasons, if necessary, replace.

5, The crew stuck, artificial can not turn the car - a thorough inspection, looking for reasons.

6, Preheating before the start - check the preheat components.

7, Electronic 窗体顶端


7.Electricity adjustment genset start throttle potentiometer value is too small - see the random electronic speed instructions, the appropriate adjustment of the potentiometer value.

Control screen failure

1, Genset alarm stop - Troubleshooting, power (reset) reboot.

2, The city power failure, the generator did not start - three methods, 1) ATS control system failed to provide the "boot" signal, check troubleshooting. 2) the controller must be energized and in the "automatic" state. 3) control tie line connection method is wrong, check, correct the connection.

3, the city power is normal, the unit is not closed - check the ATS fault.

4, can not achieve remote monitoring - confirm whether the "three remote" configuration; confirm the communication line connection is correct.

5,Verify that the unit communication software is properly installed on the control network computer. Whether to set the communication by correctly monitoring the password. Control module failure, overhaul or replacement.

Genset Stop

1, no fuel, fuel water or air, check and exclude, recommend the installation of oil-water separator.

2 check the fuel and air filter for obstruction.

3, electronic governor failure - please authorize personnel overhaul.

4 Solenoids are protected by downtime. Check the alarm contents (code) to troubleshoot the downtime.

      Mobile emergency power supply is the guarantee of emergency power supply for disaster rescue. Once the generator fails, it will takes a lot of time to check.

      Is there a platform that can manage these gensets so that they are always in good standby mode?

The answer is YES!


I6 cloud platform, for the smooth operation of generators and escort!

Five reasons for choosing it

1, the controller has the patent technology black box record, truly realizes the remote fault diagnosis.

2, software and hardware developed by the same company, stable connection, not dropped.

3, collector can be compatible with 56 different brand controller, the future is still increasing.

4, combined with field service management and lifecycle management perfect parts.

5, the competition of the cloud platform, the core is the combination of hardware and software technology competition, the most important thing is that the communication is stable, not dropped, at any time control unit information.

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