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      At present, most large refrigerated trucks are equipped with independent refrigeration genset.Such genset provides Power and Electricity to the refrigeration system engine and generator devices,it can works independently.Not subject to the limits of motor engine .Even the refrigerated car flameout or refrigerated car with engine failure,the refrigeration genset can works normally. The stable operation of the generator to ensure that the goods in the refrigerated compartment will not deteriorate. It is very important.

       Refrigerated trucks in the transport process, The generator has been running from the beginning of the operation, Transport personnel in the cab can not grasp the working state of the generator, Most of the time, There is water shortage, lack of oil, high temperature conditions, Can not be dealt with in a timely manner, the genset is still running.

       On the highway,Refrigerated truck temperature has been achieved without continuing power supply,But driver can’t get off to turn off the generator before he reaches service area. This phenomenon is caused by a huge waste of fuel, but also increases the cost of transportation. And the generator for a long time in an unhealthy state, not only caused the high failure rate of the generator, but also greatly reduce the service life.

       There is an urgent need for remote control of generators.

       Therefore, We upgraded the generator control system of the refrigerated trucks, On the basis of the original controller to increase LIXiSE LXI980 Data collector, Connect to healthy cloud service. After the transformation, Driver in the cab,  can see the generator running status and all parameters with the phone. 

       When the temperature of the refrigerated trucks reaches requirement and no need continued power supply, the driver can shut down the generator anytime without get off, save a lot of fuel, but also save transportation costs.

LXI980 Data collector, With Strong compatibility, compatible with many brand controller, no need to replace the original controller, but also enjoy the cloud service, saving transformation costs.

       Full crawling genset data, Early fault prevention and health monitoring. To ensure the stable operation of the genset. When the genset fails, through the remote fault diagnosis, Quick analysis of the cause of the failure of the genset, Trouble  shooting.

      Weekly health check report, Component Lifecycle Management, According to genset health status, Timely maintenance of the generator set to extend the life of the generator.

      Transport personnel told us that they have eight refrigerated trucks have been completed to upgrade. After the transformation, the refrigeration system of the generator fuel-efficient, save money, save trouble! Used people say good. Transport personnel can be more simple and more convenient management of the generator, cloud services is widely used to bring the results. Therefore, we will continue to make cloud services to cover more industries,  for more users to bring greater value.

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