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​The cloud size of Chinese enterprises will exceed 50 billion! Comler made this decision immediately.

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        Driven by the construction of the Internet of Things, the intelligentization of generators is also known as a trend. The speed of the development of Chinese enterprises' cloud scale can’t be underestimated, enterprises must follow the development of the times and leveraging the cloud platform to expand market.


Comler Generator Co., Ltd. is committed to high and low-voltage generators, generator sets of power supply systems, high-tech research and development of internal combustion engines to the Chinese mainland and around the world to provide high-end generator, genset power supply system project technical solutions and high performance, high quality products .


Its main production is large and small genset, including open generator, mute generator, trailer generator, gas units, power distribution rooms and so on. With more convenient operation, higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption, longer life, low carbon and environmental protection.

The mobile power station unit is 15-25 kilometers per hour, but the Comler Mobile power Station is 80-100 kilometers per hour. The use of advanced high-performance high-elastic shock absorption, two rounds of more neutral, trailer in the high-speed or field movement is more stable.


High and low voltage distribution cabinet for power plants, substations and other power users as the exchange of 50 or 60HZ, lighting and power distribution equipment, power conversion, distribution and control of use, easy combination, strong practicality.


COMLER silent generator, to adapt to urban environmental protection and noise requirements of various industries, the shape of sleek and streamlined car design, beautiful appearance. Mute unit below 75 decibels, to meet international standards; ultra-quiet unit below 65 decibels, to military standards. After a comprehensive product testing and safety through the 3C safety certification.

 Comler Cloud platform 

      It is mainly used for better management of gensets, the main functions: genset running real-time monitoring; genset on/off, alarm information push; black box recording function (data analysis of 18 seconds before the failure of the genset); genset health check; view history; Maintenance records (parts maintenance cycle); inspection report; genset location; genset field management.

Private cloud means that the enterprise or individual own their own cloud server, and the server is not open to the public, only for the use of insiders in their own company, so as to fully meet the high requirements of customers' absolute secrecy for gensets and users’ informations. 

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