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Cloud controller has been upgraded!

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The LXC66X0-4G series is the star product of Like Sai in recent years. The cloud controller market is developing rapidly. In response to the needs of the generator industry, Lixie has launched new members of the cloud controller series - LXC6610B-4G and LXC6620B-4G. No need to connect communication module, external mobile phone card, antenna installation is quick and convenient, easy to realize remote real-time monitoring, health check, maintenance reminder, remote lock machine.

Global Positioning System and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

It takes advantage of the strengths and reliability of the two satellite positioning systems, which are more accurate and reliable, and can also be mutually verified. Regarding the GPS positioning module, in order to facilitate user positioning, a GPS positioning module is embedded in the cloud controller, and the user can open the APP to obtain the position of the generator set.

However, when users' generator sets are distributed in remote areas, they will become a point of reducing user satisfaction. GPS cannot provide accurate information under weak conditions such as trees, high-rise buildings, viaducts, tunnels, underground parking lots, and remote base stations. Positioning information, the map shows that the generator positioning is not accurate.

The LXC6610B-4G cloud controller supports Beidou+GPSmulti-mode satellite positioning at the same time. It can be positioned with high precision in places where ordinary GPS receiver modules cannot be located, such as narrow urban sky and dense jungle environment.

No matter where in the world, as long as there is a network, the number of units and location are fully mastered! Cloud controllers can help you achieve this! Keep track of the operation of the unit on the mobile phone, fast and convenient, easy to control!

Full-featured, portable operation

When you report an alarm question to the manufacturer, do you have troubles with poor communication?

Want to get a quick repair service when the unit can't start and is in urgent need of use?


Cloud controller to help! You only need to open the APP to notify the manufacturer. The manufacturer will retrieve your crew black box record through the cloud platform, check the running data every second before the fault, ensure that the fault is found within 1 hour, and solve the unit fault within 7 hours.

The time for routine inspection of the crew is up, and it will cost money to ask the master to check!

Are you worried that the master you are looking for is not professional enough?

Ever thought about saving this cost?


Cloud controller to help! The unit health cloud platform analyzes the unit's operating data at a rate of once per minute, checks key performance parameters at all times, and can have a detailed health check report every week, allowing you to save this cost.

When I bought the generator for so long, when should I maintain it?

What kind of accessories do you need to replace for this maintenance? How much does it cost?

When is the next maintenance, what should I maintain?


Cloud controller to help! As long as you install the unit health cloud APP, the original factory will automatically remind you when the unit is running according to your unit operation, when it is time to maintain what, like an alarm clock, to remind you.

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