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LXC6110 generator controller sensor parameters calibration f

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LXC6110 generator controller sensor parameters calibration function

LXC6110 generator controller used for single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, it can realize the time switch in addition to machine, automatic remind function, such as a big characteristic, which is executable with panel the sensor parameters calibration function, the user can easily install new machine for generator sensor calibration of measuring results are accurate, avoid the big error.With sensor calibration is now only 6110 controller and powerful ksetra-ksetrajna and all the wisdom, deep sea and kaixun controller without this feature.

The main characteristic of LXC6110 generator controller is as follows:

1, multilingual menu choice (English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese) without burning process.

2, a page screen display generating set all the parameters (speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil, battery voltage, single-phase, three-phase voltage, three-phase current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency), do not need to page view you can see all parameters when the work unit.

3, USES the fixed time delay and ratio delay over-current protection, according to the over-current protection time calculated how much traffic, to a greater degree ensure the safety of the unit.

4, 200 failure record check for convenient factory failure, the user can according to the fault record inspection unit, convenient maintenance.

5, remote monitoring can not only use computer software to monitor unit, also can use mobile phone text messages to monitor at the same time, not sitting in front of a computer can also obtain the unit working conditions.

6, maintain remind: generator factory remind time can be set up maintenance, to ensure that equipment is in good standby condition.

At the beginning of July and senior password management, users have primary password generator parameters, ensure the safety of the unit.Generator manufacturers retain senior password is subject to change unit parameters.

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