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LXC6110N Generator control

LXC6110N Generator control

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  •       1. Product overview LXC61X0E series power station automation controller used for a single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, using 32-bit microprocessor technology, the realization of generating set automatic starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm, protection and the three remote function. Big screen LCD controller USES a (240 * 128 LCD) graphic display, under a page can show that almost all of the...

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1. Product overview 


LXC6110N is an Universal intelligent controller.99% of the parameters can be set directly from the panel for on-site debugging; data will not be lost when the system is powered off.More characteristics:

Large screen (240*128) LCD display;

The maintenance reminder function automatically accumulates the running time and promptly reminds the maintenance;

200 fault records, detailed records of 25 parameters at the moment of failure, to facilitate the analysis of the cause of failure.;

The real-time clock automatically starts the generator regularly .It can be used in rental industry, fire pump industry and air compressor industry.

LXC6110 is a very common controller which is widely used in generator assembly plant,

generator rental service,telecommunication industry ,fire pump industry and air compressor industry.

2. The performance and characteristics 


LXC6110N: used in single machine automation, through the remote start signal control generating set from the start stop; 

LXC6120N: on the basis of LXC6110N increased mains power monitoring and mains/power automatic switch control function (AMF), especially suitable for the single machine automation system consisting of mains unit all the way all the way. 

Four new innovation function 

1, The custom boot interface functions 

Allows the user to choose according to their own needs boot interface, change into your own LOGO and company name, contact phone number, etc., a better brand, also reveal the company's honor. 

2, custom maintenance reminder functions 

Users in the use of the unit in the process, usually do not deliberately to remember maintenance cycle of the unit, it will shorten the life of the unit, the failure rate increases, in line with the generator also enjoy the healthy concept of life, in this upgrade, force ksetra-ksetrajna added three custom maintenance for everybody to remind function, 

Manufacturers can also set the 1st level maintenance according to the different maintenance level, level 2 maintenance, 3rd level maintenance. 

Not only can the maintenance reminder according to the operation of the engine maintenance cycle time calculation, can also according to the longest place maintenance cycle time calculation, with double insurance to ensure the healthy operation of the unit. 

3, the average load rate 

Let your customers know, units in the daily operation of the average load rate, avoid load rate is too high to reduce service life. 

The average load rate = the crew operation capacity/unit (the running time, idle time) X 100% 

4, the installment payment service 

Main characteristics are as follows: 


1. By 32-bit ARM microprocessor, high hardware integration, further improve reliability; 

2. Bs 240 x128 LCD LCD with backlight, Chinese, English and other languages optional interface. More important is can under a page shows that most of the parameters, dispense frequent switching page views, very convenient; 

3. All parameters can be used to computer through USB, RS232 and RS485 interface connection and adjust, within the internal FLASH memory in the controller at the same time, also is not lost in when the system is powered off. 

4. 99% of all parameters can be set up directly from the panel, to facilitate the commissioning; 

5. Using the MODBUS protocol can achieve "three remote" function; (RS232 and USB as the standard, RS485 is optional) 

6. With functions of SMS, when generating set alarm automatically alarm to five set phone number to send information, can also be via text message to control the generating set and access to state of generator set. With advanced iot function, through GPRS mobile network and Internet connectivity, in any place can remote monitoring network; (need to install the GPRS module: LXI680) 

7. Is suitable for three phase four wire, three-phase three-wire, single phase 2 lines, two phase three lines (v) 120/240 50/60 hz power supply system; 

8. The acquisition and display/electric power three-phase voltage, three-phase current, phase sequence, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, electric power, the engine of all kinds of sensor data; 

9. Mains with over voltage, under voltage, frequency, frequency, phase and reverse phase sequence warning function, power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, over frequency, low frequency, over current, lack of phase, reverse phase sequence warning and stop protection function; 

10. Three fixed analog quantity sensors (temperature, pressure, liquid level), a variety of temperature and pressure sensor, oil bits curve can use directly, and can be custom sensor curve; 

11. Control protection function: to realize automatic diesel and gas generator starting/stopping, close/brake switch (ATS) and perfect function for the protection of fault display, when multiple warning, warning column will display them in turn, facilitate analysis reason; 

12. All outlet for relay output, the output and mainly adopts 16 a relay output, at the same time there are three passive relay output, more convenient for the application of complex; 

13. Function parameter Settings: allows the user to change the parameters setting, within the memory block in the internal EEPROM memory at the same time, also is not lost in when the system is powered off. Almost all the parameters can be adjusted from the controller front panel, all the parameters can be used to PC through USB interface, and can be adjusted using PC via RS485 interface; 

14. Has advanced iot function, through GPRS mobile network and Internet connectivity, in any place can remote monitoring network; 

15. A variety of start-up success conditions (speed sensor, oil pressure, power generation, charger) can choose, suitable for all special occasions demand; 

16. Power supply a wide range (8 ~ 35) VDC, can adapt to different environment starting battery voltage, can under the low voltage of starting motor moment to continue working for 3 seconds; 

Article v fault record with a history of 200, record the moment in a warning or fault occurring oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, current, power and other important parameters, easy to analysis the reason and repair; 

17. Is a real time clock, regular maintenance function; 

18. Can be used for the pump unit, also can do the indicating instrument used (only indication, alarm, relay no action); 

19. Has three groups of maintenance function, can be set up for the machine maintenance cycle. Maintenance time to action can be set up (warning or alarm stop); 

20. Shell with rubber seal is designed between the control panel, waterproof properties can achieve IP55. 

21. Screen protection adopts hard screen acrylic materials, wear resistance and scratch resistance is better; 

22. Using silica gel panel and buttons, to adapt to the high and low temperature environment ability is stronger, and has a good waterproof performance; 

23. Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS + PC case, pluggable terminal blocks, embedded installation, compact structure, convenient installation. 


The application of special industry characteristics: 


1. Leasing industry applications: management provides the perfect solution: leased out through PC remote management unit, to monitor all operation parameters (pressure, temperature, voltage, current, power, etc.), may at any time change the configuration in order to protect the unit by improper application, can record 200 article detailed fault information, including: the fault time, reason, at the time of voltage, current, power, oil pressure, water temperature and other key parameters, and can be uploaded to the monitoring machine at any time. Another item multilevel password management for lease management; 

2. Fire pump industry applications: close the electric parameter measurement, using a powerful programmable input/output ports and internal programmable logic to realize automation of water pump control system. Instead of the traditional PLC + simple way of diesel engine controller. Make the system more stable and reliable; 

3. The application of air compressor industry: shut down after the voltage measurement protection, according to the need to configure the programmable analog input, using overload protection, cooperate with programmable digital input, complete the start control, temperature and pressure control, protection parameter Settings, etc. 

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