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LXC6620-WiFi generator controller

LXC6620-WiFi generator controller

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  • Type:     LXC6620-WiFi
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  •       LXC6620-WiFi : Auto Main Failure, updates based on LXC6620,especially for automatic system composed by generator and mains....

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LXC6620-WiFi :  Auto Main Failure, updates based on LXC6620,especially for automatic system composed by generator and mains.LXC6620-WiFi is  a cloud controller that can put SIM card inside to communicate.It  can  remote start,stop,monitor running data of your generator,if  it works with camera can see the real-time video.  

More  functions:  

1) you  can set the start and stop time of the two groups. The generator will  start and stop according to your settings.  

2) You  can receive  various alarm messages, maintenance reminders, Fault  early warning and fault causes through the mobile APP, so that you can carry out  maintenance and the first time deal with.  

3) LIXiSE  cloud has these characteristic;  

I. Fault  early warning;  

II. Health  report;  

III. Real-time  camera.

1. WIFI Connection Type

With the health of cloud services, using 3 different WIFI connections, regardless national boundaries, not limited to network, connection are everywhere, any place and conditions can realize data transmission, remote fault diagnosis, fault early warning, health check.

① The first connection: In the application itself with WIFI network, the cloud controller directly connect to the WIFI network, through the WIFI network to establish the real-time communication pipeline between the generator and the cloud server, realize real-time remote monitoring and control;

② The second connection: In the application environment without WIFI, but there is a mobile phone network, through the phone sharing WIFI, alsocan achieve real-time remote monitoring, but usually more use for health check and remote fault diagnosis;

The third connection: In the application environment without WIFI or network, at first, through APP cloud controller to save 7 kinds of data (can be running for 24 hours and save half a year) saved to the phone, Once the phone has a network or WIFI environment, then save the data to the cloud server, realize the remote fault diagnosis. The early fault warning, health check.

2. Self Health Query

LXC6610 through a more comprehensive collection of generator set data, With a variety of WIFI connection technology to connect to the cloud server, A large number of fault models and fuzzy reasoning are passed through the cloud server. Data analysis for generator set, Identify potential failures in advance, Improve the operational reliability of the generator set, so that users can save the cost of inspection.

3. Remote fault diagnosis

   When Monitoring the fault occurs, It will save the data for a period of time before the failure occurs immediately. And pack the transmission to the cloud server, achieve the black box recording function. Users can use the mobile phone or PC terminal access to the cloud server acquire to these data, Achieve accurate playback of each second before the failure occurs, Provide effective basis for remote fault diagnosis.


4. Historical operation data record

    Real time operation data of generator set with preset interval time, to save and come into being historical records, Saved Data includes : Sensor data, input status, relay output status, engine data, Engine data, load data, and fault data, etc. The longest is able to record the lastest 2100 hours of historical data. Allows a variety of terminal access to historical data through the cloud server, In order to analyze the health status of generator set, Fault causes, as well as the assessment of the current performance status of generator set.

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