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LXC6620N-4G Generator control

LXC6620N-4G Generator control

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  • Type:     LXC6620N-4G
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  •       1.Product overview LXC6620N-4G is an upgraded product based on lxc66200 generator controller. It has a built-in antenna. 200 fault records and detailed records of 25 parameters at fault time are convenient for fault cause analysis....

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1.Product overview 

LXC6620N-4G  is a cloud controller with built-in antenna and SIM card can be installed to connect to the I6 cloud platform. Remote monitoring and management of outdoor generator sets through mobile APP. It is especially suitable for the generator set installed outdoors, which is more simple and convenient to install.

Case Dimension:  210mm x 152 mm x 46 mm

Panel Cutout:  186mm x 141mm

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