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LXC6110 Genset control box

LXC6110 Genset control box

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  • Type:     LXC6110(external)
  • Product Summary:
  •       LXC7210 generator control box​ for external universal generator control panel (box), compatible with a variety of generators. The main control center for the LXC6010 controller, LXC6110 of power plant automation controller for the automation and monitoring system of a single diesel generator sets, use 32-bit microprocessor technology...

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Product description:

LXC6110  generator control box for external universal generator control panel (box), compatible with a variety of generators. The main control center for the LXC6110 controller, LXC6110 of power plant automation controller for the automation and monitoring system of a single diesel generator sets, use 32-bit microprocessor technology, achieve generator sets automatic boot/shutdown, the precision measurement of various parameters, alarm protection and three remote function. The controller uses a large-screen LCD (240'128LCD)graphics display, all the important parameters can be displayed in page, save the page. At the same time can be displayed Chinese. English and other languages, all parameters can be adjusted from the controller panel, can also be a PC through a USB interface tweaks and RS485 or GPRS remote adjustment and monitoring. Its structure is compact, simple wiring, high reliability, automation control systems are widely used in all types of generator sets and fire pumps.

Main features:

1、 Run / Standby ;

2、in an emergency stop ;

3、automatic start control

4、explosion-proof control box shell is made of welded steel or cast aluminum alloy die-casting, surface electrostatic spray , the product as a whole generally use a combination of flameproof and increased safety enclosure into a composite structure.

5、flameproof explosion-proof interior components can be mounted buttons , explosion-proof components , explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof switch and explosion -proof components and instruments, such as AC contactors, thermal relays , thermostats and various functional modules and other common electrical components ; increase An enclosure built-in buttons, control switches , instrumentation , etc. are proof components.

6、the control box internal components are arranged according to the user 's requirements, can achieve a variety of functions.

7、 interior components and lights color Please specify the user to be in the selection of the products according to changing user requirements , to provide electrical circuit diagram when ordering.

8、 according to special requirements .

9、explosion-proof control box installed by a variety of user-specified range of the instrument .

10、 pipe or cable wiring.



Size : 300mm * 450mm * 280mm

Color: Black

Weight : 10kg


Uses: Suitable for biogas power generation , natural gas , field engineering , electricity, factories , fire and so on.

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