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    Warm congratulations on the Dongguan Tuancheng ended 2015 New

    2015-01-27 09:02      Browse:

    After days of tense preparation and rehearsal, mass cheng company ushered in the 2015 New Year evening party, the party program pattern layer, high twisting, guests and everyones backpack, and mass of shing company during the period of the 2014 Academy Awards, the splendid performances have showed the cheng family talent and vitality.Thank you in the company leadership of the partys strong support, thanks to the company close the dedecates road show, to bring us such a wonderful and meaningful p

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    The third annual basketball game exciting show

    2014-07-14 17:05      Browse:

    On the afternoon of July 5, ticket, dongguan tuancheng automation equipment co., LTD in skagway industrial park launched a special basketball friendly match.Dongguan cheng to enrich industry enterprise culture, to enrich employees amateur life, development of basketball fans at the same time, organized by ministry of personnel the dongguan group is the third annual basketball game.

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    Business and Engineering Shuilianshan Tour

    2014-01-15 17:28      Browse:

    December 27, the weather was quite nice, good weather for outdoor climbing, all my colleagues in the company's largest business group organization to Dongguan Shuilianshan Forest Park climbing together.

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    2013 Christmas networking party activities

    2014-01-15 16:50      Browse:

    December 25, 2013, marching bells quiet Christmas Eve, we have ushered in a peaceful Christmas, joy mood, we are about to usher in the new year. We hit the river with hardware, Wanda jewelry, jointly organized by the three companies together Christmas F

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    2013 Dongguan Business Alliance Forum network operators and

    2014-01-15 16:49      Browse:

    December 12, Dongguan Business Alliance Forum network operators and the Second Trade and Competition in Dongguan, Dongguan market pits the town of Canton Garden held in Dongguan network business friends together to join this rare event.

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    Expand training Shijie Pearl Island

    2014-01-15 16:31      Browse:

    Year 2 November 2013 On this day, for each member of our group-company, is a lifelong memorable significance of the day. Companies participating in the development of collective training Shijie Pearl Island. Here we share with bits and pieces of this e

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