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Warm congratulations on the Dongguan Tuancheng ended 2015 New Year party

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After days of tense preparation and rehearsal, mass cheng company ushered in the 2015 New Year evening party, the party program pattern layer, high twisting, guests and everyone's backpack, and mass of shing company during the period of the 2014 Academy Awards, the splendid performances have showed the cheng family talent and vitality.Thank you in the company leadership of the party's strong support, thanks to the company close the dedecates road show, to bring us such a wonderful and meaningful party.

Believe in the near future mass of cheng's family will bring you more wonderful programs, let us together look forward to!

Party prior to the start of the company planning a special show of the oscars red carpet

This is the general manager and financial department < drop-dead gorgeous, an > combination

This is the research and development department and purchasing department < Snow White and the seven dwarfs > combination

The final appearance is < city of love > combination, is our most heavy hitters general manager and his wife red carpet, see how sweet and happy smile!


Departments show their elegant demeanour, and write the wishes of 2015 on wishing wall and blessing, seated in succession.

The party started once came to power, the general manager of our company made a warm speech

The first appearance of the performance is: the total orgnaization of dance "blue and white porcelain"

Beautiful as best actor, actress awards.(best actor winner: Zhu Jiangna, best actress winner: Huang Nian period)

Engineering business performed classic funny sketch for everybody "turn to sell"

By the ministry of river in the bundesliga as the best new actor award.(the best new actor winner is: Long Yingxia, Yi Junhua, Xie Yanjun)

Production has brought the very creative and exciting for everybody "Jackson space dance"

Zhang Xiaocui finance manager for best director for winner awards (best director won the winner: can Liao Jin, Hu Guangjin)

Trade department for us with a hot Korean type of classical dance "Nobody"

Has won the award for outstanding contribution (outstandingAward winner: beautiful)

Company management stage

The end of the party group photo

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