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LIXiSE will be waiting for you at the Xinjiang Asia Europe power exhibition

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[Coming across the Internet of things, foreseeing the new pattern]

          The third Xinjiang Asia Europe power exhibition was opened grandly today. The exhibition will be gathered by domestic and foreign power well-known entrepreneurs,industry leaders, experts and scholars together to explore. LIXISE responded positively to the relevant state policies, striving to create a silk road of ’Generator networking’.

          Now let's feel the excitement of the scene together.

           The I6 cloud service was shown on the scene ,and also showed the application solutions of cloud services in oil extraction, communication base stations, and genset leasing . Really solved  the current problems encountered  for the users. For example: 24 hour automatic inspection to solve the problems of artificial timing inspection of oil production station and communication base station,the overload operation, automatic shutdown alarm when over the preset time, and the problem of improper use during the genset’s lease.

           Through the live demonstration by our sales,our I6 cloud service application solutions was highly appreciated by the exhibition customers ,and they also put forward valuable suggestions for it.

          After experiencing the powerful function of cloud service, a customer exclaimed: " the time has come for things to be linked together, and the Internet of things will change the way people live ". It is the rapid rise of Internet of things that injects new blood into this market and brings new vitality. It will also help the development of the power industry in Asia and europe.

        If you want to know more about the I6 cloud services application solutions in various industries , you can come to the No. 3, 823 exhibition area in Xinjiang International Exhibition center,we are waiting for here…

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