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[Exhibition review] To see the rapid rise of the age of the internet of things

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[Exhibition review] To see the rapid rise of the age of the internet of things.

 On September 21st, the 3 day Thailand - Asia Power exhibition ended satisfactorily. This industry grand event has provided a high-quality trade platform for our LIXiSE and the international profession colleague.

   With the rapid rise of industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, both equipment manufacturers, infrastructure and end users are beginning to realize the importance of the Internet of Things. There is a need for a standardized platform to unify management of equipment, control costs and improve After - sales service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Let’s come back to the hot scene once more.

      With this professional exhibition, LIXiSE  has interacted with practitioners from overseas generators.

Communicating with customers in Thailand at close range.

  Listen to the needs of local customers for the generator Internet of things products and cloud services applications’ solutions. This is of great significance for LIXiSE to push the development of internet of things in various fields.

 In the future, LIXiSE will continue to move forward in the field of generator network.On the basis of rich project experience and strong R & D strength, we will try our best to carry out the original intention " Let the generator also enjoy a healthy life ". To further promote the application of cloud services in various industries, from the traditional management mode to the direction of digitalization and information technology.

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